Sales Management Institute values impactful education and lifelong learning. Therefore, we hold the Authorized Sales Trainer (SMI-CST®) certification journey in high regard, providing a platform for SMI-CST®s to maximize the global impact of Sales education and certification.

Sales Management Institute’s CST®s are more than just Sales trainers, they are integral national and international ambassadors of Sales and Sales Management Institute. They turn learning from “informational to transformational” and actively contribute to a passionate community of change agents around the world. Each SMI-CST® brings a unique viewpoint and story, causing a ripple effect of Sales education and growth across the globe.


Sales Management Institute’s CST® journey challenges professionals with deep, practical real-world Sales knowledge and demonstrated excellence in training and facilitation. Certified Sales Trainers (CST®s) play a vital role within Sales Management Institute, delivering inspirational, foundational and advanced Sales certifications to agile learners in over 100 countries. Stringent certification requirements are imposed on SMI-CST®s to ensure that only those who are fully qualified to meet this commitment are entrusted to engage in this role on behalf of the Sales Management Institute Inc..


We are so excited that you have chosen to embark on this incredible and very rigorous sales journey! 


Application Overview

The SMI-CST® application process is a two-part journey that consists of following:

  1. Completion of the following certification exam:
      • Sales Foundation Professionals (SFP)® 
      • Certified Lead Generation Specialist (CLGS)®
      • Certified Sales Management Professional(CSMP)®
      • Sales Master Certified Professional (SMCP)®
  2. Apply for SMI-Authorized Sales Trainer (AST) Exam
    • Have achieved at least a 75% score on the Authorized Sales Trainer Exam


Submit Application

  • If you possess the qualifications we are looking for and want to join an amazing community of fellow sales trainers, we want to get to know you! Our application process gives you an opportunity to tell us about your experience and motivations for becoming an Authorized Sales Trainer (AST) under Sales Management Institute Inc. Please include on your application some challenges your teams have faced and how you have responded to these challenges as their Sales Coach Applications will be reviewed and follow-up conversations will be scheduled to determine next steps. 
  • You need to send your application to partner@sales-institute.org with all credentials you have earned including your detailed profile


Process & Timelines

  • It takes approximately 5 working days to review the application and give decision
  • If decision is made in favor of the candidate, a digital badge will be issues


Join the SMI-AST® Global Community

  • Once an application is approved, join the global sales trainer community. We plan to meet face to face once in a month


Renewal Requirement

We encourage AST®s to continue their professional development as both Sales practitioners and overall trainers by fulfilling Guides renewal requirements every one year. ASTs will be required to submit Sales Education Units® (SalesEUs®) in the following categories:

  • Sales Professional Knowledge
  • Professional Development and Presentation Skills
  • Community Engagement and Sales Management

In addition, sales trainers are required to train at least 50 sales professionals in a year. 

Any queries, please email to partner@sales-institute.org