Best Sales Management Training Courses and Programs Online in 2022

Since 2019 online classes and courses are becoming more popular than ever. That is because the Covid-19 situation has put a period on physical classes. But unfortunately, not all the courses have equal quality or effectiveness. We understand that you want to learn something new and effective when you enroll in a study program. If you want to be a certified sales management professional, You need to enroll in sales management training courses. And today, I am here with the best sales management training courses and programs online in 2022 that you should try to grow your career in sales.

Best sales courses based on rating:

Action Selling:

They have been conducting sales and management courses and training since 1990. They are known as great sales coaches and for their help with increasing revenue and sales margin. The motive of this course is to help an organization improve its sales system. They will help you to analyze the sales process of your organization and make changes where necessary. Moreover, their online courses focus especially on communication. They include how you can build a lifelong customer base through your communication skills.

The costs of their online courses generally begin from $895. Most people enjoy their self-paced format for online classes. Also, they are highly customizable.  Besides, the design of their classes is very effective. After completion of any of these courses

Dale Carnegie:

Their online courses have five steps. Their course focuses on building a customer-first sales approach. Also, their system will help you to design long-term plans for booming sales. A good thing is you don’t have to enroll for their course as a part of an organization; you can do it as an individual. An instructor will take the classes.

For their online course, they charge $1795 and each week, you will have a two-hour long session. In addition, you will get a Dale Carnegie badge after completion of your course. However, as the course is not self-paced, we have given it a medium ranking in terms of customization.

Dale Carnegie’s online course is available in these locations:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • New Zealand
  • South America
  • Selected United States cities.

Negotiation Experts:

If you want to get an edge on your sales and negotiation skills, this is your option. Their public access course is an exclusive combination of sales and negotiations related to procurement. Hence, you will be an expert in two fields by taking this one course. In addition, their seminars give you the chance to solve real-life cases and increase your idea about the actual business world. Moreover, they use negotiation sim for designing their course, which makes them unique.

They charge $2410 for online classes, and their sessions last six to four and a half hours. Although the instructor leads the course, you can customize it easily. Thus, a lot of people prefer it. The price of the course might be an issue, but you will learn two things at a time. As a result, you cannot compare it with other courses. Their course is widely available in cities in America.

Most affordable sales course:

RAIN Group – RAIN Selling:

If you want to have proficiency in conversations related to sales and your budget is tight, choose them. They have customized their course in a way to prepare you for day-to-day sales issues. Their course focus on how to build effective communication. Hence, if you are struggling with constructing fruitful conversations, enroll here. Besides, they help you to brush your edge on presentations for sales.

They offer an online course for ninety minutes, and they also have a year-long curriculum. Believe it or not, their classes are highly interactive as they highlight communication skills. Now I am going to drop the price bomb! Their online courses are $299, and they reduced it to $90 during the pandemic. Isn’t that unbelievable? You will find them in the following geographic locations:

  • Boston
  • London
  • Sydney
  • Toronto

And if you are an inhabitant of any of these areas, enroll here. Besides, if you are a citizen of any other major city, there is a high chance that you can register too.

Best Short and practical course:

Sandler Training:

Their system is unique because they focus on clients’ struggles. Their course encourages you to dig deeper and look out for the main problem. They will help you to gear up your sales approach according to the client’s needs. And when you have a client-oriented sales approach, that sets your goodwill on a different level. They will also teach you tactics to have a high-profit margin and make customers happy simultaneously. 

Their online course is both led by instructors and self-paced. Thus, you get the chance to choose. If you want you can finish it within two days. Hence, if you are in a hurry, you can undoubtedly enroll in this course. Most of their previous students are glad about their method of teaching. I believe their approach is convenient, too, as they put you in situations and ask you to find a solution. To be precise, they teach through role-playing. If all of it is suitable for you as well, check their website and contact them.

Other mention-worthy courses:

I have now created a list of courses with the courses I cannot label under any category, but great. Even though these courses do not have one specific edge, they have overall great reviews. Some of these online sales courses have changed peoples’ lives. Hence, if you haven’t found anything suitable for you yet, go through this list of sales management courses online:

  • Richardson Sales Performance – Consultative Selling
  • J Barrows – Driving To Close 2020
  • The Brooks Group – IMPACT Selling
  • ValueSelling Associates – Value-Based Sales Training
  • GP Sales Training – Custom Product Sales Training


When the worldwide economy is suffering during this challenging time, learning a new sales training strategy can bring remarkable changes. I hope my research team and I can get you some of the best sales management training courses and programs. We wish and hope you enjoy your learning journey!

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