General Certification


Do I have to be an SMI member to apply for SMI certification?

No. SMI membership is separate from SMI certifications. However, as a SMI member, you will have access to many benefits including discounts on your certification exam fee as well as discounts on professional development opportunities to help with the maintenance of your certification(s).

Do I have to be currently employed to apply for SMI certifications?

No, although you would get the most out of our certifications if you have sales experience

What are the eligibility requirements to become a member and to be certified?

Click here to know the eligibility requirements for each certification

What are the documents needed?

Click here to know what documents you would need to submit

What educational qualifications do I need to have?

You would gain maximum advantage out of our courses if you have a Bachelor’s degree

What work experience do I need to have?

Please check the below inofrmation

0-1 year 1-2 years Minimum 5 years Over 15 years