Certified Sales Management Professional

Looking to streamline your sales management capabilities? Are you a senior professional in your industry after a more refined sales process?

Designed for mid-senior level sales professionals, this course equips you with vital skills needed to succeed.

This course strengthens you with leadership skills to drive your sales force as well as understanding gaps in the sales process. Also focuses on needs analysis, sales process restructuring, sales forecasting, sales administration and operations and stakeholder management in the sales process.

CSMP is for

Mid-senior level sales professionals

Sales professionals transitioning into management roles

Account managers

Sales leaders/managers

Eligibility Criteria:

5 years (or equivalent hours) of experience

Certification Fee:


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The Certified Sales Management Professional program is uniquely designed to equip you for a sales management role.

Learn what the sales management cycle looks like

Optimize your sales process and the sales cycle

Learn how to recognize sales talent

Learn about the best practices in sales management and sales administration

Be the sales manager you have always aspired to be

This comprehensive course prepares you to be an effective & successful sales manager, equipping you with knowledge in effective sales management & administration strategies, sales personnel management and knowledge in designing high quality sales remuneration & training programs.