Sales Master Certified Professional

Expedite and streamline your skills in sales with this thorough and highly engaging course.

Designed keeping senior sales professionals in mind, this course focuses on sales leadership, sales team management and sales operations.

This course also focuses on the intricacies of conflict management and people management in sales teams as well as customer management.

A great emphasis is placed on sales training, sales ethics; and motivating and understanding your sales force. Additionally, focus is placed on understanding KPIs and setting the right KPIs and objectives aligned with the company’s; as well as getting buy-ins of these KPI from your sales force.

SMCP is for

C-Suite Sales Managers

Heads of Sales

Sales directors

SME Heads

Business heads

Eligibility Criteria

Over 7 years of sales experience

Certification Fee


sales master certified professional

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The Sales Master Certified Professional is uniquely designed to help you transition into a senior leadership role and transform you into an outstanding sales leader.

Learn about new concepts in sales leadership

Focus on leadership negotiation techniques

Hone your skills in conflict and stakeholder management

Learn how to be an effective sales leader

Gain knowledge on how to motivate your sales force

Be a part of sales leadership at its best

This comprehensive course prepares you to be an effective & successful sales leader, equipping you with new concepts in influencing negotiation techniques, conflict & stakeholder management and sales leadership. Become an expert in understanding sales teams and what drives them!