Overview Page

Why SMI?

SMI offers programs that support increased sales performance and lasting change in your career by reconditioning behavior and how you define yourself both consciously and unconsciously.

Sales professionals worldwide have utilized the conditioning systems our programs are built on, and by doing so experienced the necessary resistance and transformative growth in their career, mindset, influence, communication, and wealth.

We have proven results through our programs, with mountains of testimonials and social proof to back it up.  We also have leading sales influencers and sales enablers on our team who continually research, update, and validate all our programs for maximum effectiveness and impact.

The SMI Authorized Training Partner program gives you the resources you need to stand out as a training provider.

Benefits include access to ready-to-use, SMI-licensed and -approved training content, high-quality training instruction, and marketing and sales support.  It’s designed to give you and your participants a competitive edge in today’s world. 

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