Sales Guides & Framework

Through careful research and observation, Sales Management Institute has devised a set framework for certain areas of sales.

Lead Management framework

Different companies have different lead management processes and activities in place, depending on the type of industry they operate in. However, through careful observation and experience, SMI has devised a lead management framework, which could ideally serve as a guide for efficient lead management processes. SMI understands that this is not a hard-and-fast process of lead management but more a step-by-step guideline on how leads can be properly managed throughout their journey.

Sales Masterclass Framework

SMI have devised a framework which encompasses all the primary elements in sales management and brings all the vital facets under one umbrella. We hope this would serve as a good resource in your endeavour to excel as a sales professional. 

This takes into account key elements of sales such as, lead generation, sales administration, sales processes and funnels, sales motivation, sales leadership, sales training and hiring, new concepts in sales, sales methodologies, etc.