Sales Guides & Standards

Standards of Sales

Sales philosophies & standards are evolving continually


Through careful research and observations Sales Management Institute has devised a set of guides and standards which serve more as best practices rather than hard and fast rules. 

SMI has designed the Sales Management Knowledge Framework, which is built based on all these standards and sales best practices, and compiled the same into the Sales Management Body of Knowledge, the very first edition of Sales Guidebook (SMGuidebook®)

Sales management is a process which is evolving continually. It is only through this continuous improvement that one can streamline the sales process. It draws from experience, mistakes made and accomplishments achieved. That is why sales management schools of thought essentially draw from multiple perspectives, different approaches and refined management theories that are dynamically adjusted to address different aspects of frequently changing business environment. However, it does not completely forego pre-defined or commonly used sales processes and practices.  Sales management is a discipline where there is always a room for modification, additions and further expansion. We can say it is a more subjective approach than objective.

The SMGuideBook® is designed keeping these in mind. While it does focus on best practices and processes in sales management, it also touches on management theories of personnel management, motivation and leadership and utilizing these along with other prevailing standards to refine the sales ecosystem. It draws from different perspectives and experiences and tries to assimilate them to further enhance and refine the sales process. It pays attention to sales ethics and community and stakeholder management in the sales process. It focuses on sales personalities, sales ethics and the effect human emotions have on them. It also touches on some new concepts on sales management and sales administration.

We hope this would be a good resource in your career and greatly enhance your knowledge in becoming  a Sales Master Certified Professional (SMCP)®.